Plan Stage-2 in Stage-1

Keep your development team informed about the 'next phase' of the intended service of your AI was founded in 2015 with the goal of helping new 'start-up' operations find investors and capital.

Our core client was any motivated person or team with a clear product, software or service 'ready to develop and market' - we assisted in creating a marketing plan - and helped the client with 'financial freedom' to focus on their project full time.

from 2015~2018, we worked with a select group of associates and helped them launch operations in the Australian market.

In Q1-2018, much of what Bit-Shares intended to 'bring to the market' became redundant due to the ease of launching an ICO in Cryptocurrency & Bit-Shares has now taken a new approach  to service the needs of only a small selected group of AI projects.

AI Projects can run in to development 'issues' when the 'end goal' is not clear to the development team. Our strong, proven, demonstrated and successful systems have delivered results to many projects over many years (as our lead manager has more than 15-years experience in the IT sector, managing many different teams to achieve many different goals). We have confidence that the AI projects we are working on in 2018 will become 'house hold brands' world wide in 2019 & 2020!

AI Stages:


Flood the market

Ensure your AI can go in to operation with the maximum audience world wide.





What is

PLANNING & Deployment

The Goal

Plan your 'stage-1' goal of functionality

The Improvements

Test and improve your platform, really listen to your beta feedback and adopt suggestions!

As official agents for Poly AI & Alfred AI