Billing: Alfred AI will be FREE as an 'open licence' for all users for 1-year. After year-1, the service will be:

1. restricted


2. paid via $99 PA subscription (per $250k home value^)


3. Ad supported

Why is it called 'Alfred AI'?

A: 'Alfred is the name of a butler' - Alfred AI is a 'technology butler' - and in 'Stage-3' will also be the 'best' compatible for use as a control system for an actual robotic butler in your home! (Stage-3 from 2025, forecast for 'humanoid household robots': 2028+

This is why our 'billing' system is 'per home' (not per PC, device or user) and why a $550,000 home must pay 200% of the cost a $220,000 home owner needs to pay.



Above (ref-1) states 'robots in homes before 2040' - the above (ref-2) is a 'real' robot that may go in to production at an affordable cost within the next 10years (or an other brand may 'copy' this 'small' sized robot design)


  • Alfred AI was conceived in 2010 by Millin Bear (Brisbane Australia)
  • In 2011 the project was put 'on hold' to wait for advancements in 'core voice analysis' systems (in early stages of 'perfection' by: IBM, Apple, Google and others)
  • In late 2017 Millin Bear decided to 're-open' development of Alfred AI, due to the fact that Amazon Alexa was now compatible with a system Millin was working with (called Control4), and, this opened up the possibility to complete the development of Alfred AI and deploy it by mid 2019 (to beta test in 2018)

Alfred AI will run on any PC or MAC as the 'master location' in your home, it will then install a 'satellite' application on all of your other devices (PCs, Laptops, Tablets, Phones and any 'smart device).

All of your 'core data' will be held in 'cloud' (via distributed storage) & one Alfred AI 'master install' can run several 'nests' in your home (so, your son can have his laptop as his own instance of Alfred AI, independent from the main home install, but, the local files for his install can still sit in the 'master install' for the home).

What is Alfred AI?

As official agents for Poly AI & Alfred AI

  • Alfred AI will (in stage-1) act as a 'home automation' control system - with commands via voice and 'push notifications'

  • Stage-2 will see Alfred AI also do more advanced things like; 'call up your local restaurant to book you a table'