We are also taking direct investments via BTC on;


From any person or company that wants to help us reach completion of 'Stage-1' release of Alfred AI.

Investments made to the above MUST include a direct email to us on;


with subject: BTC investment in Alfred AI $xxx

minimum investment: $500USD(in BTC)

(smaller investments can be made when we release the Alfred AI ICO)


Investors that invest prior to the Alfred AI ICO will receive their investment back in full PLUS the same value of Alfred AI coins from 'pre-sales' of the ICO. Full details will be published prior to the ICO release date - and, prospective investors can use the above email to request a PDF information pack on the terms of this offer, and details of how the 'investment certificates' will be issued. To receive the 'information pack' simply email the above account with subject: I want to invest in Alfred AI

How will the 25% Alfred AI sell off of AI coin run (to refund [Poly] AI ICO investors) :

As of 06/04/2018 - we (Alfred AI) have up-dated the registration process to receive a full refund of your PolyI ICO investment.

The procedure now stands that you must:

1. you must register by sending an email to us on; NEWDEVpolyai@outlook.com

[NOTE: Your email MUST include your wallet ID in the subject line, 'refunds' will only go to the SAME WALLET ID that invested in the AI ICO - if you have sent a 'registration email' not including your wallet ID in the subject line, please re-send by 11.59pm 30/04/2018 or your registration will be invalid]

2. you must detail your investment in the above email (date of investment and approx value in USD at the time of investment)

3. you must prove that you made this investment (send screen cap showing your wallet ID and the coin you traded for)

4. you will need to pay a fee to confirm your registration (NOTE: This was the requirement to buy $50 worth of PolyAI coin, we NO LONGER have this requirement - as we have discovered that we control much less than half of the total PolyAI coin -- so the 'fee' is now TBD, as we need to investigate the viability of obtaining 80% of the available PolyAI coin - your registration email account will be notified when we have finalised how and when a 'fee' will be required)

5. Only people that have completed the registration exactly as per the above instructions by 11.59pm 30/04/2018 will receive a refund in 'round-1' (round-2 and 3 of refunds may be possible down the track, however all details of when & if round-2&3 will happen are TBD/TBC)

NOTE: as of 02/04/2018; our initial understanding that we had obtained more than 50% of the available(='Circulating Supply') coin was based on information displayed on this site:


As official agents for Poly AI & Alfred AI



We (Alfred AI - project development team) would like to now put out a call to the community; to help us work out the exact TOTAL number of AI coins in circulation NOW and what is the maximum number that can ever be in circulation?

The white-paper on the Poly AI network page states that there is a maximum number that dose not match with data on the above web-site (and other sites) - more information is required on this point, in order to calculate what QTY of PolyAI coin our group should control prior to the launch of our full scale marketing of Alfred AI.


Q1. Why will a fee be required to complete my registration to receive a full refund of the funds I invested in PolyAI ICO?

A: Two reasons; 1: We will need to ensure that the 'wallet ID' of the investor and the person that has made the registration match & 2: We suspect that the PolyAI ICO was a 'scam' (based on the fact that the Whitepaper states a total of 29M AI coin, and there seems to be more than 990M in circulation as of 06/04/2018) - so, we will only refund people that genuinely lost funds in the ICO - I.E. if the person that makes a registration was 'part of the scamming group' we will NOT be sending them a 'refund'...


Q2: When will the 'refund' happen?

A: Only when we finalise the 'confirmation stage' of the registration process (see above).


Q3: What is the maximum amount that will be refunded to PolyAI coin ICO investors?

A: up-to a total of 25% of our AI coin holdings at the time that we finalize the registration procedure will be sold off to repay investors that lost funds in the ICO (when the coin value hits/holds at a TBD $-value).


Q4: How will you decide what person is refunded first?

A: Simply, the order in which we receive your registration emails (see above for instructions on how to register) will be the order in witch we refund the investor - so PLEASE DO NOT DELAY in sending us your registration emails!!!

(no fees are payable until we finalise the registration 'fee' process, but, we will SAVE your place in the queue when we receive your registration email!