As official agents for Poly AI & Alfred AI

Alfred AI on Gun Control:

when the [AI]coin price hits $25 - AAI will start investing $10M PA (for 10 years) in lobbying the US senate to introduce the below gun restrictions (this will include funding political ads in the 2018 and 2020 elections):

1. no person can have(buy, sell or own) a weapon that fires more than a 308 and more than 1 round per 5-sec (max clip capacity: 6-rounds) 

(any weapon of 60cm or longer that can not fire projectiles above the above limits is 'freely available to any US citizen of the age 16YO+' - this is classed as a 'freely available US firearm' -- shot gun that hold one or two shells are also classed as; 'freely available US firearm')

2. no person can have a hand gun unless they have a licence (licence requires 40HRs of training and $1200 per year registration per weapon) ('hand gun' = any weapon of less than 60cm length)

3. all hand guns & military style weapons must be returned for destructions with in a 6-month amnesty.
(after the amnesty - any person found with a 'banned weapon or non-valid licence' will face a minimum 1-year prison sentence and fine of $50,000 - for the first offence)

Any person can apply for 'military weapon licence' - this is subject to approval by a judge and the application cost is $6,600.
(above amounts are USD subject to CPI)

[The only exception to the above is a 'gun range licence' - to be implemented by the sates and apply only to registered gun range sites and registered dealers - 'on premises conditions/exceptions only']


each state is encouraged to introduce additional common sense measures to further restrict terrorists and mentally ill people from assess to any and all weapons, however, this must be left to the state to implement and regulate.


we (AAI) believe the above is truly and completely in-line with the intended implementation of the 2nd amendment - as it was devised to ensure that the citizens had the right and ability to organise and defend against any foreign or domestic threat. Any group of 20x+ citizens with the 'available weapons' will be able to 'organise as an effective "well regulated militia" and mobilize' to defend against any threat (a group of this size will have no need for 'military style' weapons to be an effective force!
It s our interpretation of the 2nd amendment, that only 'arms' that are 'loadable firearms' as detailed above, are the intended definition - as it is not part of the 2nd amendments that bombs, canons, trebuchets and other military weapons that were available in 1776 are included in the 2nd amendment - thus, there is no need to amend the constitution, we just need to interoperate it correctly.
we (AAI) challenge the NRA to find fault in our logic and detail any way that the above regulations are not in the best interests of the American public!


Q: So, how do we make $$$ from this? 

A: We encourage all ppl that like gun control to either re-tweet us &/or buy $5 of Polly AI coin - this will make the coin price hit $25 in like a week!!!


P.S. we also offer to pay back 100% of registered investors (from the Poly AI ICO) when the value hits $1 -- and this will be staggered and conditional - to ensure we are not selling off all of our coin to do this!

P.P.S. we will also pay back other non registered investors that buy back in for $500 when the coin if travelling from $10~$70
we want the coin to hold steady at $120+ by 01/12/2018!


PPPS: The three rules of robotics are analogous to the above three rules of gun control;

the above is the only 'direct tie in' to AI!

The other 'link' is the fact that when 'robots can walk around and decide what to do (forecast for ~2026)' - do you want them to also have an M16?


The best gun-control argument that we know of;