As official agents for Poly AI & Alfred AI

What are the difference between: Alfred AI, Poly-AI( & the [AI] coin/token? :

1. Alfred AI was conceived in Brisbane Australia in 2010 by Millin Bear - it's 'stage-1' goal is to be a fully integrated 'home autimation' comand and contril system.

2. Poly-AI ( is software underdevelopment by a team of 8x programmers and managers based in the UK - their web-site went live in Jan-2018 - it's stated goal is in many ways similar to Alfred AI.

3. 'minted' AI as an ICO in to 'fund' operations in Canada in the field of AI - this group has NO DIRECT association with EITHER of the above operations. (it is a matter of opinion by some; that this '' was set-up as a scam or ponzi scheme, with no genuine intention of developing a product, technology or service - we will not comment on our opinion, but, you can read more here: )


We (Alfred AI) have no direct association with '', however, we have made contact with '' to offer 'cooperation and coordination' in developing the final release of their product and Alfred AI - as yet, no formal agreements are finalised.


Any person that invested in PAIC [AI]'s ICO in entitled to a FULL refund $1 for $1 to the amount they invested in the ICO^.

This offer is NOT from the '' group - it is an offer of Alfred AI, as we now own more than 50% of the available AI coins/tokens - and we want the 'brand name' of AI coin to have real value - this is only possible if the original investors are paid out and do not feel 'ripped off' by AI.

We will sell off our own AI coins (max 25%^) to pay back the investors in the ICO - this apples to people that have already sold off their original coins/tokens (so, they will all 'profit' in the end, as they will have funds from what they sold their AI coin for PLUS 1:1 return of the amount they paid to buy in to the ICO.

NOTE: To be paid back from your ICO investment, you MUST register by 30/04/2018 - Click Here for the details on how to register.

^; we will only sell off our AI coins to pay back ICO investors AFTER the coin value returns to and holds at $1+ - we will only sell off 25% of our AI coin holdings to repay AI coin ICO investors - we calculate that this about will be more than 100% of the ICO investors capital & only ICO investments of $500~$5,000 will be paid back in 'round-1' - more details are on this page: Click-Here for info...