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When will investors in PAIC receive a full refund from invested funds? :

Any person that invested in PAIC [AI]'s ICO in entitled to a FULL refund $1 for $1 to the amount they invested in the ICO^.

This offer is NOT from the '' group - it is an offer of Alfred AI, as we now own more than 50% of the available AI coins/tokens - and we want the 'brand name' of AI coin to have real value - this is only possible if the original investors are paid out and do not feel 'ripped off' by AI.

We will sell off our own AI coins (max 25%^) to pay back the investors in the ICO - this apples to people that have already sold off their original coins/tokens (so, they will all 'profit' in the end, as they will have funds from what they sold their AI coin for PLUS 1:1 return of the amount they paid to buy in to the ICO.

NOTE: To be paid back from your ICO investment, you MUST register by 30/04/2018 - Click Here for the details on how to register.

^; we will only sell off our AI coins to pay back ICO investors AFTER the coin value returns to and holds at $1+ - we will only sell off 25% of our AI coin holdings to repay AI coin ICO investors - we calculate that this about will be more than 100% of the ICO investors capital & only ICO investments of $500~$5,000 will be paid back in 'round-1' - more details are on this page: Click-Here for info...