As official agents for Poly AI & Alfred AI

Who is Millin Bear:

Millin Bear as borne in VIC (State of Australia) in late 1979. He moved to Brisbane in 1984 and 'started his fist business' in 1986 (at age 6 - it was not a large enterprise, however, it was significantly more advanced than a 'lemonade' stall...).

Millin was raised for 'alternative' parents, and his schooling was from 'home schooling' and from an alternative school in Brisbane (that had no classes or classrooms to study in).

In his adult life, Millin has primarily run business operations that revolve around IT.

His first 'real job' (age 17-18) was with a company that traded in second hand goods (through this; Millin gleaned a huge amount about 'social behaviour' from drug addicts selling stolen goods, to dealing the the depressed, low IQ and mentally ill, all the way up to high level sales to middle and upper class clients on the 'sales' end of the business, including selling expensive second hand jewellery to millionaires...)

In 2010 Millin started working on Alfred AI, and in 2011 he had his first child (the balance of software development, and working full time to support his family, left little time to actively find investors in the Alfred AI project - this changed in 2017/2018 with the new possibilities of raising capital quickly via ICO operations)